Overseas client

Our next assignment relates to our overseas client, who is a leading logistics firm in Doha, Qatar. Here too, the assignment relates to auditing of their entire HR set up.  We visited for one week in October 2017 to understand the organisation, business, and alsothe HR set up.  We realised that most of the functions and policies were only stop-gap, fire-fighting processes. No serious workflow was followed in any process such as Organisational Charts,  Job Descriptions.

Our initial audit revealed that the organisation needs a deep surgery from its roots.  We presented our findings to the Management and Heads of Departments.  All of them agreed to our finds and assured us that they will start doing their work in right earnest.

In the meantime, management requested to visit again for one month in January 2018, to study the transactional aspects of HR processes and recommend areas of improvement.

We were also given the task of identifying a professional HR Manager to head their HR operations.  We shortlisted, interviewed and recommended a few candidates.  The candidate was taken to Doha for interview by the Management and finally selected as their candidate.

Our assignment will get over in February 1st week by  launching of the PMS project and also implementation of changes recommended by us in respect of HR activities.


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