Success Stories

Performance Management System
  1. In 2016, we received an assignment to implement Performance Management System in one of the leading Glass technology companies in Bangalore. It was a family-owned company and some of the key roles were held by important relatives of the MD & ED. Our assignment was to explain the basic philosophy of Performance, its relevance or linkage with the organisational goals and vision.
Overseas client

Our next assignment relates to our overseas client, who is a leading logistics firm in Doha, Qatar. Here too, the assignment relates to auditing of their entire HR set up.  We visited for one week in October 2017 to understand the organisation, business, and alsothe HR set up.  We realised that most of the functions and policies were only stop-gap, fire-fighting processes. No serious workflow was followed in any process such as Organisational Charts,  Job Descriptions.


Why some companies and their managers may not thrive...

Tina Garg founder and CEO of a digital services company points out a well-known fact as to why Start-ups in their initial stages focus on generating revenue and gradually grow their team.


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